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What is Love?

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Friday, 09 April 2010 15:43



Standing trial


Devotional done by Ess-Jee from



Most couples that go through separation or divorce feel that they are standing in a trial. Today is a reminder to me that Jesus also stood in front of many Judges, waiting for them to make a verdict on Him. Jesus was blameless. As He stood in front of Pilate, he could not find any fault in Him. They sent Him to another Judge and He also couldn’t pin fault or crime on Jesus.

Are you striving to be like Jesus? Many times people will prosecute us, lie to us, break our hearts, break our trust, go against their words etc. After all this will you still choose to act in love towards them? Jesus did.

I know many of you are saying “I’m not Jesus”. He lives in us, and God Himself said that we must strive to be like Him. He gave His Holy Spirit to dwell in us; and He will lead us in all God’s truths. We must choose our actions daily. Most of the time the one who’s reading these devotionals isn’t the one who chose to look for greener pastures. In fact, you may have already asked God to show you your part in the failure of your marriage, or what you can do to prevent any disasters along the way.

Today, 2000 years ago, Jesus stood trial. Not for himself but for you and I. I want to encourage you to know that God is the God of restoration and reconciliation. The whole theme of the bible is love and reconciliation. God hates divorce and loveless marriages; He wants the best for us. Will you start to believe in our God’s awesome power, to not accept the world’s stance on marriage and to simply say: “Get on with your life after divorce”? The road is narrow that leads to God’s best for you. But you can walk it. Jesus was the forerunner for you and me. He left His Holy Spirit to guide us in all of His fullness.

In my own marriage I always tried to do things right my way, and I never really let God do the work. I tried to solve the problems through my own strength and ideas. But through my efforts I only made things worse. Do you know what freedom there is in just giving everything over to God? You receive a peace that goes above all understanding. God will soothe your soul and your heart. Make a commitment today, to yourself and to God that you will not get anxious or have fear over anything. You can know that both you and your spouse’s futures are in the Hands of God. Jesus stood in your place 2000 years ago, so that you can stand in victory over any trial you may face today.

Stand strong and know that our God is a faithful God. He always has the best planned for you.


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