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There is Hope for the Future PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 20:34

There is Hope for the Future

Hi guys I don’t know why but I know that I know that the Lord asked me to urgently share with you this scripture and share with you what the Lord shared with me.

Isaiah 51 1:3

51:1 “Listen to me, you who pursue godliness,1who seek the Lord!Look at the rock from which you were chiseled,at the quarry2 from which you were dug!351:2 Look at Abraham, your father,and Sarah, who gave you birth.4When I summoned him, he was a lone individual,5but I blessed him6 and gave him numerous descendants.751:3 Certainly the Lord will console you and your (wife/husband) ;he will console all their

ruins.He will make their wilderness like Eden,their desert like the Garden of the Lord.Happiness and joy will be restored to8 you,thanksgiving and the sound of music.

I know that this time of year is very hard to be alone without your love one, but know your not alone , Our God is with you, He is there holding your, making sure your ok. If you feel that the burden is getting to heavy , turn to Him , cry out to Him if you want to cry , cry to Him, don’t hold back ,look for Him out of a humble and pure heart,He will answer you if you call to Him. The Lord will heal your marriage, He is the Lord of restoration and reconciliation , I know your spouse may seem like they have a joly or happy time , but believe me that is just a cover up , inside they are hurt and broken and they need you know more than ever before to pray and stand in the gap for them, pleassseeee don’t give up hope on your spouse never ever ever Give up, the enemy will try anything in His power to let you quite your stand , don’t listen to his lies, listen to the Lords Truths.

Isaiah 51 4:11

51:4 Pay attention to me, my people!Listen to me, my people!For9 I will issue a decree,10I will make my justice a light to the nations.1151:5 I am ready to vindicate,12I am ready to deliver,13I will establish justice among the nations.14The coastlands15 wait patiently for me;they wait in anticipation for the revelation of my power.1651:6 Look up at the sky!Look at the earth below!For the sky will dissipate17 like smoke,and the earth will wear out like clothes;its residents will die like gnats.But the deliverance I give18 is permanent;the vindication I provide19 will not disappear.2051:7 Listen to me, you who know what is right,you people who are aware of my law!21Don’t be afraid of the insults of men;don’t be discouraged 

because of their abuse!51:8 For a moth will eat away at them like clothes;a clothes moth will devour them like wool.But the vindication I provide22 will be permanent;the deliverance I give will last.”51:9 Wake up! Wake up!Clothe yourself with strength, O arm of the Lord!23Wake up as in former times, as in antiquity!Did you not smash24 the Proud One?25Did you not26 wound the sea monster?2751:10 Did you not dry up the sea,the waters of the great deep?Did you not make28 a path through the depths of the sea,so those delivered from bondage29 could cross over? 51:11 Those whom the Lord has ransomed will return;they will enter back into there marriages with a happy shout.Unending joy will crown them,30happiness and joy will overwhelm31 them;grief and suffering will disappear.32

Dear brother and Sister in Christ hold vast to Gods promises, He will never let you down or forsake you, He will always have your best interests at heart, trust Him for His perfect timing for the healing of your marriage, believe me it will happen it will, all you need to do is to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and not you circumstances. Just know that no matter how your spouse are reacting to you , just know its not them speaking, it’s the enemy using them as his mouth peaces. Don’t let your heart get harden because of the way they treat you, remember the story of Hosea he never gave in , he loved his wife threw everything, and wall-e he didn’t let eves reaction make him negative towards her or Jesus, how many times have we not wondered away from him, looking for our own will and not following Him fully. Your spouse and marriage is a gift from God and I think it’s the most precious gift He could ever given us. The fight we fight is not with our prodigals , but the one who are the enemy of there soul. Not only are you standing for marriage restoration, your also standing for their salvation, will you allow the enemy to drag your spouse down with him? I don’t know about you but I will not give in , I will fight for my spouse and my marriage until she is safely in the arms of our Heavenly father and mine.

Isaiah 51 12:14

51:12 “I, I am the one who consoles you.33Why are you afraid of mortal men,of mere human beings who are as short-lived as grass?3451:13 Why do you forget35 the Lord, who made you,who stretched out the sky36and founded the earth?Why do you constantly tremble all day long37at the anger of the oppressor,when he makes plans to destroy?Where is the anger of the oppressor?3851:14 The one who suffers39 will soon be released;they will not die in prison,40they will not go hungry.41

STAND man and women of God, STAND till all our prisoners are released from the bondages of sin, PLEASE pray with me each and every day , that they will turn there eyes back to our Lord God and recommit them self’s to their families and marriage.

Isaiah 51 15

51:15 I am the Lord your God,who churns up the sea so that its waves surge.The Lord who commands armies is his name!

Heavenly father , we come boldly to Your throne of grace and mercy, Lord forgive us of anything we have done to day what did not Glorify Your name, but thank you for Your forgiveness. Lord we come to you today, Lord and we pray in agreement with other standers that you would send every prodigal home over this Christmas season, Lord set the captives free. You will get all the honour and Glory for every family that is restored back to its righteous state, we pray  this in your mighty sons name Jesus Christ.AMEN




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