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The Heart of a Winning Woman PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 January 2010 11:45

The Heart of a Winning Woman

Written by Monika Shaw from



Consider the challenges women face on a daily basis; roadblocks that intend to stop her success, biased thinking, dismissing or downplaying her intellect, glass ceiling above her head, the lack of  quality mentors – yet, somehow, she still breaks through the ties that would bind, and perseveres to reach her goal, attain success that it engraved in her heart to achieve.  

It is her destiny, her legacy which she is forging through the difficult times in her life.  She remains unbroken, bending like the palm trees in the midst of hurricane season, she only gets stronger and exercises all her capacities to encourage her on.  This is a winning woman. A woman to be revered, respected, honored, and esteemed.

It’s no wonder that women are a mystery to men.  Unable to reconcile in their minds, men generally lack any type of understanding, any hint of interest in the makeup of a woman.  Now before you think this is a wide brush-stroke comment applicable to all men, let me say right now, that there are exceptions.  I am addressing the issues of the heart – a random collection of  observations, thoughts, and through conversations with different generations of women, I have heard and gleaned from the deep cisterns of their hearts some of the pillars that each woman has fixed within. Perhaps some or all may apply to you, someone you know, or can be given to a young girl to encourage her as she opens her heart to the ways of women.

A woman is passionate – compelled to release from within her the desires of heart right or wrong, she is deliberately persistent, unwavering, with an attitude that says she will succeed.  Her passion is in everything she says and does.  She never settles for mediocrity, or being second best, she excels in everything she does.  Her passion drives her, empowers her, to give everything she has, thus she can also be easily deceived by those who would choose to take advantage of her trusting nature.

A woman is unyielding – when it comes to protecting others, she will do whatever it takes to keep another safe either emotionally, spiritually or physically.

A woman is nurturing – within her womb lies the core of all she is – a nurturer – whether she is a mom or not, the very nature of woman is to nurture or mentor another to emotional, spiritual, or physical wellness  with the ability to empower and motivate success within the other person, sometimes drawing from her own reservoir of experience over the years.

A woman is spiritual – deep in her heart, she senses that she is a special creation and that she has a purpose, a destiny awaiting her that is beyond her sight, but not out of reach – she desires to reach into the depths of her spirit and find that God is there, waiting to guide and direct her steps toward her life destiny.

A woman is observant – she sees, watches, listens, with her body, her mind, her eyes, her ears, her entire being is sensitive to what is going on around her.  This sensitivity enables her to distinguish between right and wrong, however, sometimes, she can also be persuaded to believe her observation may not be correct – by corrupt individuals who would choose to negate and diminish her keen senses of observation.

A woman loves – with her whole being, she is filled with an endless well of love, that she wishes to share with those in her life.  Withheld only if hurt, she will still seek out someone to love – adopt, mentor, elder care, community service, and other opportunities to pour out the love within her to others who may graciously receive it.

A woman sees – she sees with her eyes, and ponders – she sees with her heart, and contemplates all that is encompasses.  What does she feel, what does she see, what does she sense?

A woman’s heart is the most precious jewel on earth.  It captures the dazzling brilliance of the most exquisite diamond, with the fire of a ruby, the sparkle of a sapphire, the deep green colors of earth in an emerald, and the softness of a pearl. It is these gems, these lavish overtures of love from her heart that makes her who she is.

Caring, loving, strong, confident, bold, exceptional, feminine, and all that defines her as a winning woman.  Why is she a winner? When you consider the challenges women face daily, the blocks in her path, the negating of her intellect, the glass ceiling above her head, the lack of  mentors willing to coach and encourage her – yet, somehow, she still breaks through the ties that would bind, and runs toward her destiny. Nothing can stop her – countries will try, rules will try, corporations will try, yet, when a woman is focused and passionate – nothing can stop her!

This is the fire that lights a woman’s heart – why she bears children, why she mentors other women, why she walks with other women – because as women we need each other.  To encourage, esteem, empower, mentor, teach, listen and love so that each of us, in our own way can put the stamp of our heart onto to the life or lives of those we touch.

Who but woman has this ability?  No man can replicate any of these characteristics, it’s no wonder that some men don’t understand God’s purpose for woman . She is to be loved, and esteemed, instead they fear woman and choose to keep her at a lower level, to step on woman to advance their personal agendas – yet, when we read the Bible, we clearly see that God created man and woman in HIS Image, to be equal not above or beneath the other. Jesus made it quite clear that He came to set all free – women included, and He esteemed and honored women.  He is woman’s emancipator, the absolute Woman’s Advocate – yet many choose to ignore Him thinking of Jesus as nothing more than a religious icon or a word to be used inappropriately.

A Woman’s heart comes from God, filled by HIM, to be poured out into the lives of others.  Jesus, set us free so that we can fulfill our destiny as Winning Woman.

What holds you back from taking the step to be a Winning Woman? You have everything you need to accomplish it – it’s your choice, your decision, how long will you wait?


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