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What is Love?

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Saturday, 27 March 2010 13:16



 “In that day Lord you will rebuild our collapsing marriage and families you will seal its gaps, repair its ruins, and restore it to what it was like in days gone by. As a result we will conquer those left in Edom and all the nations subject to Your rule.”

You  Lord, who is about to do this, is speaking! “Be sure of this, the time is coming,” says the Lord,“when the plowman will catch up to the reaper and the one who stomps the grapes will overtake the planter. Juice will run down the slopes, it will flow down all the hillsides. I will bring back my people, all prodigal spouses; they will rebuild the cities lying in rubble and settle down. They will plant vineyards and drink the wine they produce; they will grow orchards and eat the fruit they produce. I will plant them on their marriage and there waiting stander, they will never again be uprooted from the marriage or families. I have given them,”says the Lord your God. Therefore, I will soon fence (spouses name)   in with thorns; I will wall (spouses name)   in so that she cannot find (spouses name)   way. Then (spouses name)  will pursue (spouses name)   lovers and shellfishes desires, but (spouses name)   will not catch them; she will seek them, but (spouses name)   will not find them. Then (spouses name)  and all prodigals will say,“I will go back to my (YOUR name)  , because I was better off then than I am now.”

Then My light will shine like the sunrise; Our marriage restoration will quickly arrive; my godly behavior will go before me,and the Lord’s splendor will be my rear guard.You Lord will unroot any root that orgin is not from you Lord you will burn them up,” says the Lord who rules over all. Lord you will not leave even a root or branch.  But for me who respect Your name, the sun of vindication will rise with healing wings, and I will skip about like calves released from the stall. I will trample on the wicked, for they will be like ashes under the soles of My feet on the day which You Lord are preparing,” says the Lord who rules over all.

“In that day,” says the Lord, “I will gather the lame,and assemble the outcasts whom I injured. I will transform (spouses name)   and the lame into the nucleus of a new nation and a new commitment to there marriage of there youth, and those far off into a mighty nation.

The Lord will reign over them (spouses name)  and other prodigals,from that day forward and forevermore. As for you, watchtower for the flock,fortress of  Jesus  – your former dominion will be restored,the sovereignty that belongs to (spouses name).

Twist and strain, (spouses name), as if you were in labor!

For you will leave the city and live in the open field.You will go to Babylon,but there you will be rescued.There the Lord will deliver you from the power of your enemies.

But (spouses name)do not know what the Lord is planning;many is the plans of (spouses name)but it’s the Lords plans and purpose that prevails.they will not understand Your  strategy ooh Lord.

He has gathered them like stalks of grain to be threshed at the threshing floor.

 “Get up and thresh, (spouses name)!For I will give you iron horns;I will give you bronze hooves,and you will crush many nations.”You will devote to the Lord the spoils you take from them,and dedicate their wealth to the sovereign Ruler of the whole earth.

Lord you will bring them back from Egypt and gather them from Assyria. You will bring them to the lands of (your name), for there will not be enough room for them in their own land. The Lord will cross the sea of storms and will calm its turbulence. The depths of the Nile will dry up, the pride of (spouses name)will be humbled, and the domination of there imprisonment will be no more. Thus You will strengthen them by Your power, and they will walk about in Your name,” says the Lord.

Lord, how numerous are my enemies!Many attack me. Many say about me,“God will not deliver him.”(Selah) But you, Lord, are a shield that protects me;you are my glory and the one who restores me. To the Lord I cried out,and he answered me from his holy hill. (Selah) I rested and slept;I awoke, for the Lord protectsme. I am not afraid of the multitude of peoplewho attack me from all directions. Rise up, Lord!Deliver me, my God!Yes, you will strike all my enemies on the jaw;you will break the teethof the wicked. The Lord delivers;you show favor to your people. (Selah)


Lord I Pray that you will give (spouses name)an revelation of your truths and not stop speaking to them to turn away from there wicked ways that they will have an mighty Damascus road experience and after Lord they turn there eyes to you you will Hit them with the truth and the truth will set them free. They will turn there eyes from darkness to light and from the power of satan to you and then they will be saved and return to me as at 1st ,thank you Lord that we know that we know you can and will do this to Your faithful servant ,You are able!

Lord thank you for were the enemy came to destroy Lord you came to restore and give us a hope and a future, thank you for restoring my marriages and other hurting marriages around the World,let me be a light for the people not for myself but for you my God and King ,may people see you through  my actions and deeds and may your light shine through  me ever radiant like the morning sun. Lord I pray that every time I get in contact with my spouse that she/HE only see your love and splendour bouncing of me and see your glory manifesting in me Lord may see she/HE a change in my heart and soul and may you touch her /HE in ways THEY never ever been touched before ,may they come to the truth of your divine love and what your standard of love is and must be.

Lord thank you that our marriages is going to be like an light for other marriages ,to give them hope and to show the world and other churches your Glory and nothing I say nothing is impossible for you my Lord and saviour. Lord help me and other standers to bring back your standards in this perverse world we live in. Was everything circles around ones self and one own desires and needs. Help us to bring back your standards in schools, churches, families, relationships, society and the world. Lord I don’t know how much longer the world can go on as its going on at the moment. May our standing on your promises and keeping your word for our marriages be the start point for many other marriages to follow our example and may you use us to start an ripple effect through  society and to give you all the Glory and Praise.

Lord enough the enemy has cause destruction and hurt in families I will stand  against this evil in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Lord his time is over its time for revival its time that you will be king in our households its time to stand up for what is right and get rid of anything that is unholy in your sight I AM A STANDER,I will walk in the kingdom of God on earth, Lord May your kingdom come like on heaven so it will be on earth,

Lord protect my blinded wife and lead her back to me on an unfamiliar path.

I will pray and asked this in the MIGHTY NAME OF your son Jesus The Christ Ruler of all


Last Updated on Saturday, 27 March 2010 13:19
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