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Chapter 5 – Challenge to You PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 17:25


Chapter 5 – Challenge to You


Putting everything together.



This part we Challenge you to take part in our thought renewal process. We have developed a 21 day guide to help you begin with your thought renewal process. Once again please note that this is not a recipe, but just a guide to help you develop Godly Thoughts.

Creating a New thought pattern and destroying all your old thought patterns


It’s easier as what it sounds like. I guarantee that if you put this plan in action you will be changed with the help of the Holy Spirit. Let’s start to think on purpose like Christ.


 What you need:


  1. Head phones
  2. Determination


Salmon Vermaak compiled an awesome audio track you can use to get you on your way. Heres his link,

Relax and Overcome!

Download your free copy.



The Lesing.pdf document provides a careful overview of the purpose and operation of the soundtracks. Download it first, and thus look at the soundtracks while downloading. If you do not have the latest PDF reader, you can click the link across the bottom of the page and click it to install.


Right click on each of the following links and select "Save Target / Link As .." option. This will open a window in which you place on your computer to select the recording is stored. The surveys each take a few minutes to download.

The package consists of three sections in order that you can put on CD and listen daily. It can also be obtained directly from your PC. For best results use earphones when you listen.


All His tracks are for free and please read the instructions how to use this tracks on his page.


Make a commitment to follow this easy program for 21 days and you will never think the same again.







  1. Try to listen to Salmons program when you’re relaxed and alone.
  2. Try to listen to this for 21 days every day.
  3. Try to fast from any outside pollutions like Television or radio and especially the 6 pm News, for this time period.
  4. Choice 2 or 3 scriptures weekly for memory work and repeat it over and over in your mind.(I have seen even if you just use words like righteousness or sovereign can also be affective)
  5. Try to add scriptures weekly.
  6. Meditate on the word of God and stay in close contact with the Holy Spirit.


Well, that that, so easy. Be diligent and steadfast and you will surely get rid of all those Old thought patterns and replace that with the Lords Victory in your heart. Lest do this thing AMEN…..

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 17:33
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