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Chapter 3 – Building Defence Meganisme






You will see that your old thought patterns will always try to come back in alliance with your flesh. Here is an example prayer you can pray daily to get rid of these old patterns.


Heavenly Father, Please help me get control of my thoughts and bring them into obedience to you and Your word.  Please wash my mind with the blood of Jesus and purify my conscience of all my past sins and past triggers.  Father, please restore a healthy understanding of love in me.  Please teach me how to give and receive love in a Godly way.  Thank you, Father! In Jesus' name I pray on this day,


Satan, listen to me you and all your spirits who tried to make my life hell here on earth. It has come to an end today. I am under the protection of the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. I take away all legalize rights that they think they had in my thoughts, my body, my marriage, my relationship with my family, with my friends, with my work colleagues, or any area of my life. I break today your chains and declare your works dead. I break today all holds you had on my life. You will leave today and you wont stay in this city, or go into other people, or go in to any animals, satan you and your spirits, will go now under the feet of JESUS CHRIST as Ephesians 1:22 says; I bound you there with the truth of JESUS CHRIST. Satan you and your spirits leave now and are under the feet of JESUS CHRIST.


In the name of Jesus I submit my spirit, mind and body to the will and plans to God. I bind myself to the truth of God and the blood of Jesus that work daily in my life.

I bind my thoughts to the thoughts of Jesus, so that I can have His thoughts, plans and views within me. I bind my feet to the path that you want me to follow oh Lord so that my footsteps can be powerful. I bind myself to the cross and its mercy, forgiveness and death to the selfish I. In the name of Jesus I bind evil and its power over my life. I rebuke his works.


Lord I regret my wrong thoughts and views. I reject them and ask for your forgiveness. I ask that you destroy every old thought, way of thinking, idea, desire and habit that is still working in me. I bind myself to the views and ways of Jesus Christ. I bind myself to the victory and spiritual desires that are in keeping with the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Father I ask that you destroy every stronghold of negative feelings that I harbour against anybody.


Forgive me as I forgive those who caused me pain, and sadness. I ask in the name of Jesus that You destroy any curses that was spoken over my family and me. I also ask in Jesus name to destroy all the curses that were spoken over my fore fathers.

I thank You Jesus that you are true to Your word and that you have answered my prayer. I worship You as the only and true living God and King of my life?

In Jesus Name I Pray



Ok, incorporation with your daily memory work you must spend daily devotional time with God and have an active prayer lives. These two aspects are very important in your mind transformation process. Now we try to teach you how to respond, if the enemy tries to feed lies to your mind.



How to Respond to a lustful or fearful thoughts The Jesus way;


When you recognize heres something entering your thought bank, you have more less 3 seconds to respond. Your first respond should be like this;

  1. I reject you thought in Jesus name (if you can say it out load, please do).
  2. Then you say to the thought, I take you captive in Jesus name; proclaim the truth over it (what you memorized in your memory work)
  3. I bind you thoughts to the thoughts of Jesus, so that I can have His thoughts, plans and views within me.

This process May be repeated on numerous occasions, but have faith in time the temptation will become less and less of a problem for you.

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