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Saturday, 20 February 2010 16:12


Love is the Golden Key to Victory


Devotional done by ess-jee from stand for your




In the age we live in, we get so much information coming to us, in every direction. For a man; women with skimpy clothes are every were, there are images of women naked or just revealing the bare essentials in books , in newspaper , in malls , on the internet , on the television. A gym what was meant for relaxation, women are trying to put on the tightest hot pants.


With all this said no wonder if a man don’t train his eyes and mind to be obedient to the Lord and his wife, he will find himself trapped in lust. The circular world shouts out loud that love is a combination of feelings and lust. And in that way the enemy gets a grip in our lives. Even different Gospels are preached from every direction. Every preacher proclaiming to have the truth. If you don’t spend enough time with our Lord and savoir you will be in a tight spot. Not knowing what is right or not.


Preachers have complicated the Gospel, preaching to people that before they can come to Jesus, they should first get themselves clean. But Jesus differs from them, He said that anybody who is thirsty should come to me, He did not place stipulations on people. He loves them no matter what sin entangled them.


You see, when the spirits of the Lord leaves, were stuck with religion. Religion is one of the biggest blockages in most Christian’s hearts. The enemy satan uses this, to keep people busy with people and not with God, doing the works of the church and not of God. Do you know how many people are in bondage? Not only physically but spiritually and emotionally. Because most of the body of Christ has this attitude that, there are no such things as demons and how can we heal the sick, they are neutralized. We who were meant to be the Lords hands and feet on this earth are immobilized, the world is in ruin.


The Jesus said in His word that we will do bigger things with Him, because He goes to the Father. Jesus didn't die for us so we could have church every Sunday and after that go home again back to our old lives. Church its time for us to stand up and take back aggressively our land the enemy took from us. Its time the church will put her arms out and sacrifice themselves for others.


I have heard of many people and standers that tell me that we need to fight harder pray harder , this and that , and I think to myself , Jesus already defeated satan on the cross, He already defeated sin , and He has done everything for us. So, that means we must just Love as He loves.


Yesterday while I spend time with God, I had this fear come over me, and I realized something, we're complete in His love, that means that we can proclaim boldly we're Holy as He is. I stood up and proclaimed out loud:  "I am Gods son and He gave me the authority to step on scorpions and snakes." God lives in me and He who is in me is bigger and stronger than the one in the world.


Love is the Key of power; Love is the key to victory in everything. Love will set our captives free and through love we will do miracles as Jesus did. Ask the Lord today to show you this Love. The Gospel was meant to be simple not complicated. Jesus demonstrated this Love. The Gospel is Love. Simple if you love, all the rest will follow. No power of darkness can stand in the light of love.


Love is sacrificial and does not look for his own will, if we start to understand what love is really all about then you will see that  divorce just doesn’t make sense. Love endures, love hope and at the end love prevails. Jesus was sent with one mission and that was, to Love. At the end of His earthly life Love did prevail.

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