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Lead the broken back home


Devotional done by EssJee Rautenbach from standforyourmarriage.org/



10  God blesses those people who are treated badly for doing right.   11 God will bless

you when people insult you, mistreat you, and tell all kinds of evil lies about you because of me.  12 Be happy and excited!  You will have a great reward in heaven.  People did these same things to the prophets who lived long ago. Matthew 5:10-12


Brokenness enters one’s home suddenly and without warning; before you can start damage control its all over. I’ve heard from many couples that they don’t want to go on with their relationship. They’ve tried everything, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. They’ve tried spicing up their intimacy, working on their friendship and nothing seems to work. Many married couples seek counsellors, pastors and professional help, but no one can help them, everything steers to one end and that is DIVORCE. Many couples consider divorce because their marriage has developed into a non working part.


What happened to us? We declare with our mouths we serve an Almighty God but when the storms of life hit us we declare the opposite.


There is one who can help you, one who can comfort you, one who can strengthen you, can create a clean heart in you, one who can redeem you and heal you. He can heal any broken marriage, He can reignite the fires of passion, He can restore and will reconcile. No-one in this world can stand against Him. He has the Name above all names. Every knee shall bow before Him, all authority on heaven and the earth has been given to Him.


Do you know Him personally? His name is JESUS CHRIST. I urge you today to make that decision to follow Him in His ways. Don’t conform to this world’s ways and solutions, but seek the Lord’s solution for your troubled relationship. Our awesome God can and will lead the broken back to Him. Trust Him and spend time seeking Him with a humble and repentant heart. Jesus loves you and your spouse so, so much. He only wants the very best for you both.


Let’s pray together:

Lord God I come in agreement with those who are going through some kind of relationship problems. Lord I think that to be in a relationship that is struggling is one of the most stressful things that we as Your people can go through. Lord we confess today that we need You and You alone. Lord we proclaim in the heavens that we have stepped over the line and the decision has been made, I’m Yours and Yours alone. Lord we will not be conformed to this world’s ways or solutions but we seek Your divine intervention to come and restore that which the devil thought he had destroyed. I declare that instead of shame, I have a double portion. Thank you Lord that You are hasting Your word in my marriage. I thank you Lord that You are speedily avenging Your word in my marriage. Lord Jesus, thank you for being strong on behalf of my marriage and reconciling me with my beloved. Lord I am the church and in Your word You say that the gates of hell will not prevail against me and my marriage. Thank you for Your love, Lord, and for always being there for me. I love You and thank You for giving me a new love for You and my spouse. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen


You are now very sad. But later I will see you, and you will be so happy that no one will be able to change the way you feel.

 John 16:22

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