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Nothing without you…

Devotional done by Essjee from stand for your marriage ministries


 I have found a place of peace and harmony what can only be found at the life giving water of Jesus Christ. If one man has then died then all of us have already died with Him. Lord you stood before creation, You stood for all my failure, Lord I offer myself as a living sacrifice to you and as a love sacrifice I lay down may life to my one flesh mate. Lord thank you for the spouse You have given me. I know Lord they don’t understand what I’m doing and many think I’m crazy, but Lord God I pray in the spirit that You will reveal My love for her/him.

So I Stand my soul Lord to you I surrender, all of me to You and my beloved all I am are Yours. So listen to me Satan and your spirits and the World, I will not give in and over, I will stand for better and for worse, I good times or bad , In financial difficulties , I will stand even when its so dark and lonely, Even if everything seems hopeless, I take up Your yoke Lord Jesus and I will not give up. I love you my wife/husband and I will never leave you nor forsake you ever again.

In Jesus name I pray


The Lord is calling to come to Him. Give Him all Your sorrows and pain. Go to His fountain and He will give you rest. He loves you so much, and He only wants the best for you and your family. Trust in Him and don’t rely on your limit understanding of things. Jesus and Jesus alone can heal you completely. I know it may take some time for the healing to complete, but it will. The Lord will heal you first and then start the healing with your spouse. If you have any doubt always go back to the moment of truth. You got your hand on the bible but your heart feels like stone but He is with you, He hears your anxious cries and He will never leave you nor forsake you never ever. In that darkness His with you He love you so much, you are the apple of His eye. So be brave and step out the middle ground, and don’t let fear tie your down. Say goodbye to status quos and He will make you bold like a lion.

You may be small but remember the big God who loves you. You can say only one word and all darkness trembles. Nothing is impossible for our God and Lord Jesus Christ. So think back when you first said I do. Let the Lord help you to see His love in your loved one. Be sure that the Lord don’t make mistakes and remember that better and worse are more than words. Will you dare to life out these words, for better and worse? The Lord will give you the strength you need to complete this journey. I pray that we will be proof that we mean what I say, take my hand take this ring and know that I will always love you through anything.

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