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Devotional done by Stacey Hayes from  www.stand-4-your-marriage.org




     This is a word for all of us, especially if you are following Jesus. This is where we sometimes say "the rubber meets the road".

When you get to a place in your life where absoultely nothing is going right. No matter what you do, how many days you fast, prayers you pray, it just feels like you are sinking lower and lower. Totally getting to the point of telling the God, and the world that you quit...you are done... I have some news for you. If this is the way you feel, or know someone that does, please read this, and pray this prayer of agreement for all that open this up to read.


   Lord, I come to you in the name above all names, the name of Your Son, Jesus. I ask you Lord to let those that need this word, get it. I pray that you will open up their eyes to see the truth and ears to hear what it is that You have to say to them today. Lord, we will give all honor, praise, worship and love to you. We will shout to the nations what You, and only You, Jesus can release us from. In Jesus name. Amen.


    Now lets look and see what Webster has to say about the meaning of this word. 


    DISCOURAGEMENT --To deprive of courage or confidence, to dishearten, to hinder by disfavoring, dismay, dispirit, browbeat, and unnerve.


    Now be honest, how many times have you felt those things? Probably more than we want to admit to. There is only one place that this can come from, and I promise you it is NOT from the Lord. He cant be negative, He can only  be positive.  So where does this spirit come from? yes, you read that right, this is a spirit from the pits of hell. Bringing with it those very negative thoughts of " your stuck, you cant go anywhere, this ministry will not help anybody, you wont find a job, even the dog doenst want anything to do with you, everything you do fails, .....It just goes on and on and on...I think you are getting the picture here.


    If we go into the Bible, looking for someone who was discouraged, dismayed, beaten down, chased, disfavored, and homeless. This would be David. That man had some serious discouragement. During his most trying times, when he cried out to God the most, writing and sharing his feelings, not knowing what he was doing at that time in his life, or the history he was making. Out of all of that David gave us the road map to getting rid of discouragement. How did he do it? He was continually in God's face. He prayed, he cried, he worshiped, He understood that only the Lord could help him. He understood that this was the way out of what he was feeling. David understood that this battle he was fighting was a spiritual battle. The place, or the battlefield where this was fought was in his mind..Oh, I pray that you just got that....  There are so many scriptures I could use here. Truthfully, it would be the entire book of the Psalm. There are many places to start where he is crying out from this.


   PSALM 55:1-3 Listen to my prayer, O God, and hide not Yourself from my supplication. Attend to me, and answer me. I am restless and distraught in my complaint and must moan. And I am distracted (key word here) at the noise (fiery darts) of the enemy, because of the oppression and threats of the wicked; for they (other people)  would cast trouble upon me, and in wrath they persecute me.


   As I was looking through the book of Psalm for a place to start, when I got to chapter 55, the Lord said STOP.. and begin here.

How many times have you been so down and out, trying to pray, asking the Lord not to hide? to open the door and let you in? How many times have you cried out O'God answer me ...please...I know you are up there....can u hear me?? I am so tired, restless, discouraged, and distracted. Lord, I cannot hear you, the enemy wont shut up, I cant think straight, now others have stepped in, with threats, causing trouble.  Does this sound familiar to you?? Does this sound LIKE you?? I admit, it sounds alot like me during the past few months...No more. I am free, and you will be to.


    PSALM 55:16 As for me, I will call upon God, and the Lord will save me.


    PSALM 56:3-4 What time I am afraid, I will have confidence (faith) and put my trust and reliance in You. By the help of God, (yes, we must ask for Him to help us) I will praise His word; on God I lean, rely, and confidently (faithfully) put my trust. I will not fear. What can man, who is flesh, do to me?


    This is how David dealt with all that was happening to him. This is what we (myself included) must learn to do. Can you pick them out. 1. have faith, 2. Trust 3. refuse to fear, 4. Praise Him and His word, 5. Lean on Him. When we have done these things, no fleshly person can win against us. .


   How do we do get to this point of being and feeling so low?? Let me fill you in...this is where the title came from.

You see, discouragement is deadly because it is so subtle when it is first introduced to us. It just kind of slips in, one thing goes wrong, then another, and another until you are so down. Getting to the point of wanting to quit, not wanting to go on, not happy, no peace, becoming isolated, thinking no one cares...that is where it is beyond discouragement...that is crossing over into depression. One door leads to another. This is why it is deadly. This spirit wants to stop you in your tracks. Tommy Bates said it so well Thursday night, I dont have it word for word, however this is what he said. "discouragement is a spirit, like its boss, only comes to steal, to kill and destroy you. this spirit is sneaky, and doesnt truly show its true colors until you are so worn out from so many spiritual battles...It has to wait until you are totally exhausted, and unable to fight anymore. It waits until you cant pray anymore, you cant cry anymore, you may have lost everything you have, its fury is now unleashed, you have been captured, chained, and thrown away. The reason that it is going to be the last day plague is because satan knows that if he can wear us out, we cannot fight. There is your revelation, that is the key to your cell. You just found out you have been arrested by a demon from hell. I got some news for you...If you have ever met Jesus, and been forgiven, you have been under that Holy Blood, the most precious substance that God had ever created...Now is the time for you to cry out for it to be poured out all over your cell in hell. It must let go, It cannot keep you.

No more shackles, no more chains...no more bondage. I am FREE.


   I will share this with you, true story. I know without doubt, that 2009 was the worst year of my life. It was battle after battle after battle. Nothing went right for me that entire year. changed jobs...went from 13.00hr to 2.33hr, lost my home in October, slept in my car in walmart..(yes that is true), my daughter acts up, the list could go on. I am sure yours could too. This is not easy to share, and I really didnt want to tell it either...somebody needs it...I dont know who you are, but you are out there, and in almost the same situation.  On Thursday night, as I was driving to the church, I began to pray. ( actual prayer.) Lord, I cannot go on, I am so discouraged, tired, worn out, frustrated, and I dont understand why I cant break this. I have done all that I know to do, prayed, fasted, believed, spoke out what I want, asked You for direction. I dont know why I cant get a breakthrough. Lord, I need a word, a word straight from Your mouth. I cant go on like this. I have been faithful, look into that book of remembrance you have, I have obeyed what you have asked of me, spoke when you have lead me to speak, O God, if I dont get a word tonight, Then I am calling it quits...I am done. I am over it, I am just too tired to continue this fight, and for all I care, you can take me home."  This prayer took place at 4:55 in the afternoon. When while Tommy Bates was speaking, he stopped for a minute, and said that this was not the message he was going to preach. But at 5pm, as he was finishing up his notes for the message he was going to give, GOD showed up, and told him to change his message. Thank the Lord, he was open and listened. I was not,  by any means the only person that was in bondage to that spirit...there were many of us....What set me free, was when he said that you are too tired to fight...weariness. I had been given "keys" by a very close friend of mine, she just didnt understand how far down I really was, to the point of boxing up my bibles, cancelling or shutting down S.T.A.N.D ..which I believe was the assignment of that spirit. I am so thankful I did not do that. The Lord knew why, and showed up to fight for me, and gave me what I needed to hear.


Weariness is the root. KILL IT.  The spirit of discouragement feeds on it. Remove that source of food, replace it with the Blood of Jesus. No "D" can cross that line. righ t now is the time for you to fall on your face and pray.


   Lord, I dont know who this person is, I dont know anything about them, I only know that they are in trouble. I come against the spirit of discouragement in the name of Jesus, it has been exposed, the light has been turned on, it cannot hide anymore. when the Light of the world shows up, all darkness must leave. Lord, I bind that evil nasty, slithering spirit, send it where u want it to go, never ever to return to us. Replace it with more faith, more courage, more confidence, replace the weariness with Your strength, let us rest in you. we repent for opening the door and letting it in, Cove us, all of us, with the Blood of Jesus. Let it soak in every place where our armor is cracked. Seal it up. Thank you for this revelation, Lord, we love you, we praise you, Lord, lead us. Feed us from your table. Thank you for never giving up on us. I love you my Elohim. In Jesus name we pray. amen.


Stacey Hayes



January 19, 2010



****FYI, Pastor Chant spoke on this very thing in 2006. I have the notes. He said that this would be the last day plague of the church**

for those of you who ask about getting these messages, I am sending you the link to my church. You may order Tommy Bates message from January 2009 (thursday night) online or call the church.  All procedes go to the church.




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