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Prayer Guide

Part 4



For justice system:


_ For God’s justice to be established in our nation (Isa.9:7).

_ For forgiveness and mercy for the Church taking part in perverting justice (Ex.23:2).

_ For forgiveness and mercy for the Church in showing partiality and accepting or paying bribes


_ That justice will be restored in our nation so that evildoers will be stopped and God can deliver us

(Deut.16:20; Prov.21:3; Isa.56:1).

_ For God to hear our cry for justice and answer us (Luk .8:7).


For safety and security:


_ For us to find our safety in the Lord alone (Ps.4:8).

_ For the Lord to protect us (Ps.91:14).

_ For the wicked to fall into their own nets (Ps.141:10).

_ For the Lord’s presence to be with us when we go through difficult circumstances (Isa.43:2).

_ For the Lord to remove fear from us (Luk.12:4; 2 Ti.1:7).

_ For our faith to increase when things happen that cause us to fear (Mat.8:26; Heb.13:6).

_ For us to stay faithful even when we suffer wrong (Rev.2:10).

_ For the peace of God to be with us (Jn.14:27).

_ For God’s presence to fill our land so that there will be no cry of distress heard in our streets



For reconciliation:


_ For all to recognize that all races have the same origin and that no one is superior to another


_ For God to heal the wounds of racial conflict through the Body of Jesus, the Church (2 Cor.5:18).

_ For the Church to embrace all races, regardless of colour, background or social standing (Rom.10:12:


_ For forgiveness and restitution to be offered in a godly way (Ex.22:6-15).


For health:


_ For the Sun of Righteousness to rise over our nation with healing in his wings (Mal.4:2).

_ For the Lord to again be our Healer and to remove the diseases from among us (Ex.15:26).

_ For the Fear of the Lord to be in our nation so that we turn from our wicked ways, and receive healing

for our flesh (Prov.3:7-8).

_ For the power of the Gospel to be demonstrated with healing (Mat.9:35).

_ For the Lord to have mercy and to remove epidemics and pestilences (1 Ki.8:37-39).


Personal commitment:




Lord Jesus Christ, hear our prayer according to Your Word, for the healing of our


_ We confess that our land is sick and needs healing (2 Chron.7:13-14).

_ For the truth and knowledge of God to enter our country so that bloodshed, stealing and immorality will

be restrained (Hos.4:1-2).

_ For the blood of Jesus to speak forgiveness and silence the voices that cry for revenge (Heb.12:24;


_ For God to forgive the worship of other gods that cause the land to be spiritually defiled (Ezek.36:18).

_ For God’s forgiveness because we have trusted in our own ways and have reaped injustice



_ For bloodshed to stop so that those who are wanderers and refugees can settle on the land (Gen.4:11-


_ For God to have mercy on us and remove the droughts, famines, tribal conflicts and ecological

disasters from our land (Ezek.14:12-21).

_ For God to restore the potential of our land to yield harvests (Gen.4:12; Rom.8:21).

_ For God to give us rain in the right seasons for harvest (Zech.10:1).

_ For the just distribution of land (Is.5:8).


Personal commitment:




Lord Jesus Christ, hear our prayer according to Your Word, for the poor and


_ For God to hear the cries of the poor and answer them (Ps.12:5).

_ For those who are poor to put their trust in God who can supply in all our needs (Ps.9:18; Phil.4:19).

_ For God to deliver the poor from all those who exploit them (Ps.72:4).

_ For God to forgive us because we do not aid the poor as we should, even though we have sometimes

excess of food and comfortable ease (Ezek.16:49).

_ For the Church to heed the command of God for us to '…open wide your hand to the needy and to the

poor in your land.' (Deut.15:11).

_ For our government to deal honestly and with fairness towards the poor (Prov.29:14).

_ For those who are in poverty to get the opportunity to learn skills, find a job to provide for themselves,

and be willing to do so (Prov.10:4; 28:19).

_ For God to remove the spirit of laziness and idleness from our people (Prov.20:13).

_ For the people of our country to become known for their generosity and willingness to share with others

(2 Co.8:2; Act.4:34).


Personal commitment:



Lord Jesus Christ, hear our prayer according to Your Word, for orphans and the


_ For God who is a Father of the fatherless and a Defender of widows; to bring justice (Ps.68:5;


_ For orphans and the aged to put their trust in God (Jer.49:11).

_ For any mistreatment of orphans and elderly to be exposed and stopped (Ex.22:22).

_ For those in the market place to allot a certain amount of finance for the ministry of the poor and needy,

orphans and elderly (Deut.24:19; 26:12).

_ For the Government to uphold the cause of the orphans and elderly (Jer.5:28).

_ For the Church to remember that pure and undefiled religion is to not neglect the orphans and elderly


_ For the elderly to be respected and treated with honour (Lev.19:32).

_ For the older generation to share their wisdom and take up their prophetic responsibility (Job 12:12; Joel



Personal commitment:




Lord Jesus Christ, hear our prayer according to Your Word for marriages and


_ For marriages to be a reflection of Christ’s relationship with the Church (Eph.5:22-33).

_ For husbands to love their wives, as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her (Eph.5:25).

_ For husbands to take up their responsibility in prayer (1Pe.3:7).

_ For wives to respect their husbands and submit to them (Col.3:18; 1Pe.3:1).

_ For marriages to be untainted by sexual immorality (Heb.13:4).

_ For marriages to bring forth godly offspring (Mal.2:15).

_ For the restoration of families and the turning of the hearts of the fathers and the children back to each

other (Mal.4:6).

_ That families will worship the Lord together (Deut.14:26; Act.16:31).

_ For families to cleanse themselves from idolatry and establish the word of the Lord in their homes (2


_ For fathers to take up the responsibility as head and priest of the family (1Ti.3:4-5).

_ For all families in our nation to become households of faith (Gal.6:10).


Personal commitment:




Lord Jesus Christ, hear our prayer according to Your Word, for the youth…

_ For children to receive godly training (Pro.22:6).

_ For children to be disciplined in a godly way (Pro.23:13).

_ That children will not be left on their own but have proper care (Pro.29:15).

_ That parents will see children as a blessing and not abort them (Ps.127:3).

_ That the next generation will know the works of God (Ps.78:6).

_ That the young generation should set their hope in God (Ps.78:7).

_ For children to understand that obedience to and honouring of parents holds a blessing (Ex.20:12).

_ That parents will not provoke their children and cause them to stumble (Eph.6:4-6).

_ That the young generation keep themselves pure according to God’s Word (Ps.119:9).

_ For the young generation to hear the invitation of Jesus and come to Him to receive a blessing (Mark


_ For the youth to be taught by God (Ps.71:17).


Personal commitment:



Lord Jesus Christ, hear our prayer according to Your Word, against the Evil One…

_ For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil (1Jn.3:8).

_ We declare Jesus had been given the name above all names, and at the name of Jesus every knee

shall bow and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord (Phil.2:10-11).

_ We declare that we have been given authority over all the power of the enemy (Luk.10:19).

_ We declare that the weapons of our warfare have divine powers to destroy strongholds, arguments and

every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God (2 Co.10:5-6).

_ We declare that Jesus Christ had disarmed the principalities and powers on the cross (Col.2:13-15).

_ We declare that we have been delivered from the power of darkness and been conveyed into the

kingdom of the Son of God’s love (Col.1:13-14).

_ We declare that through the death of Jesus Christ, the devil, who had the power of death, was

destroyed, and those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage, are now

released (Heb.2:14-15).

_ We declare: Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world (1Jn.4:4).

_ For the God of peace to soon crush Satan under our feet (Rom.16:20).

_ For the Church to stand against the evil clothed in God’s armour: Belt of Truth, Breastplate of

Righteousness, Helmet of Salvation, and Preparation for the Gospel of Peace (Eph.6:10-18).

_ To extinguish the fiery darts of the evil one with our shield of faith (Eph.6:16 )

_ To take up the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God as we pray and advance into the territory of the

enemy (Eph.6:17-18).

_ That we will overcome because of the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony, and

because we do not love our lives to the death (Rev.12:11).

_ We ask now, Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, make known Your manifold wisdom through us, the

church, to the principalities and powers in our nation, as we confess that Jesus Christ is King of Kings

and Lord of lords (Eph.3:10; Phil.2:10; Rev.19:16).


Personal commitment:




Hear my prayer,

O Lord,

Give ear to my


In Your faithfulness

answer me,

and in Your


(Ps 143:1)


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